Identify trends and opportunities instantly to boost customer experience and enhance your brand reputation
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Improve your reputation with the Net Promoter Score

How many customers speak well of your brand? How many customers talk badly about it? Measure public satisfaction in real time with the main marketing indexes (Net Promoter Score, CSAT), improve their experience instantly and raise your brand's reputation. Turn your customers into ambassadors.

Satisfaction ranking to identify opportunities

Compare all your stores, services, locations ... in real time to immediately identify areas for improvement. Which service receives a lower rating? From which of your outlets customers leave most dissatisfied? In which stores do you have a staff issue or a waiting time problem? Resources are very limited, put the focus where the problem is.

Compare your organization with an industry benchmark

Are you above the industry average? Are you behind your competitors? Demand greater performance from your team comparing your organization to companies or institutions similar to yours. Emulate leaders, incorporate their best practices and become one of them! Thanks to its extensive network of clients, RateNow offers its own industry benchmarks for retail, healthcare, customer service and culture.

Evaluate and encourage your staff

Evaluate your staff continuously to promote excellent service. Measure the performance and sympathy of each employee. Identify the best valued employees and design an objective incentive policy, based on customer satisfaction. Reward the employee of the month to motivate your workforce and train workers who need more help.

Close the loop to win back

Turn detractors into promoters by getting in touch with unhappy users who leave their contact information. The most memorable experience is not a mere satisfactory purchase, it is a happy ending after a heroic rescue from a crisis. The reconquered customer will be the most loyal to your brand, people value the effort you invest in recovering them.

Spread your good reputation to multiply sales

Disseminate in the media your percentage of satisfied customers so that more people trust your brand. Share RateNow ratings on social networks or integrate our quality certificate on your website. Satisfied customers attract more customers. Don't be shy or (too) humble, tell the world how many promoters you have!
Rank outlets by rating, segment by location and service
Compare with our industry benchmark
Evaluate your staff to promote an excellent service
Contact your detractors and convert them into promoters

Do you want to boost customer experience and grow your business?

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