Employee satisfaction surveys: Integrate and automate the job pulse

Integrate the work pulse as a thermometer of the work climate in your company and act to increase the productivity of your team.

Why is employee satisfaction important?

Happy employees have higher productivity and help bring the organization together. Self-fulfillment at work is as essential a component as salary, and often the secret to a successful organization is a positive work environment, in which workers feel valued and supported.

Did you know…?

  • On average, 85% of employees are not actively engaged with the company (Gallup 2017, USA)
  • Disengaged workers are less happy, less productive, and more likely to leave the company (Gallup 2017, USA)

In fact Deloitte, in a report on future trends in the field of human resources, concludes that companies need a new approach based on culture and job satisfaction (Deloitte 2017)

In the next part of the article, we go on to summarize the main ways to measure job satisfaction.

How to measure job satisfaction?

These are the 4 formats for evaluating employee engagement most used by companies:

1. Ad-hoc surveys

Ad-hoc surveys are carried out in case of need for specific information related to specific topics and are not carried out periodically. For example, before a change of office, a survey can be sent to define the needs of the new premises.

2. Employee satisfaction by stage of the Employee Journey

Employee satisfaction by stage of the “Employee Journey” includes the surveys that the employee completes at each stage of his life cycle in the company. This type of measurement helps companies align the organization with a common vision of the employee's experience and prioritize resources and financing for improvement projects of the most important moments. The "Employee Journey" can be summarized in five stages: Recruitment / Incorporation / Development (Role changes, Promotions, Performance evaluations) / Exit. Many are the companies that create specific surveys at each stage. This survey is automatically sent to the employee, for example at the signing of the contract after onboarding, after the annual evaluation process, when changing the role and finally after leaving the company.

3. Annual work climate

Annual work climate survey campaigns consist of long, anonymous questionnaires that take about 15-20 minutes to complete, and are typically structured around key indicators of employee engagement.
It is the most common and widespread way to measure employee engagement. It is a very useful tool for making high-level decisions but, due to its annual frequency, it is not enough to have the pulse of the team at a more operational level and apply frequent corrections.

4. Work pulse (Pulse surveys)

Pulse surveys are becoming increasingly popular in the field of employee experience measurement. They are different from work climate surveys because they are shorter, easier to complete, and frequent. Many times companies choose a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly cadence. By being more agile, they give employees the opportunity to provide feedback more frequently and organizations the opportunity to react more quickly to those comments.

Did you know?

77% of employees want to provide feedback more than once a year?
Although work climate surveys are the most popular in companies, the measurement of the work pulse is becoming increasingly popular as a system for continuous evaluation of employee engagement and immediate actionability. Let's see in more detail how a work pulse survey works.

How does an automated pulse survey work?

The process of operationalizing the measurement of the work pulse requires some steps and technological tools that facilitate the automated distribution of the surveys and the real-time analysis of the results.

  1. Employee groups and frequency are established: daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly
  2. With the established frequency, employees receive a brief survey of 30 seconds minutes by email or through the internal communication system (such as Teams or Slack). It is important that the survey is integrated into the tools that the employee uses on a day-to-day basis to guarantee the highest participation.
  3. This survey collects questions about different areas of employee engagement, from personal growth to company culture. You can choose up to 9 areas: Satisfaction / Empowerment / Personal growth / Relationship between peers / Relationship with management / Feedback and recognition / Culture / Advocacy / Well-being / Support.
  4. All responses are collected completely anonymously and in real time. For this work there are fully automated processing platforms such as Ratenow Analytics.

What are the advantages of implementing a labor pulse survey in your company?

  • You can improve the Employee Experience by measuring and identifying pain points and areas for improvement.
  • Detect your needs, feelings and job satisfaction.
  • Monitor in real time the evolution of an individual and / or a group of people. Compare and segment based on demographic variables, departments, managers, shifts, etc.
  • Motivate the team by anticipating their demands based on the information they give you every day. Don't let the talent slip away.

Choose the best partner in the implementation of your employee voice program.Ratenow Team helps you implement a personalized employee satisfaction measurement program for your business. We design and implement any type of work environment measurement (Ad Hoc, Employee Journey, Work Environment and work pulse).

Why should you consider Ratenow as a partner in your employee voice project?

  • Survey distribution in autopilot mode. Forget about manual management of surveys and their distribution and focus on the analysis of the results. Once the surveys have been raised and the distribution process automated, the program management works in automatic pilot mode.
  • Next-gen usability for the highest response rate. Ratenow digital surveys are optimized to facilitate usability and guarantee the best participation results. 
  • The most sophisticated dashboard for managing your work environment. Forget about downloading excel and manual analysis. It is intended for dynamic and real-time analysis of results. Its structure is fully customizable and allows you to:
- Constantly keep employee engagement under control with an easy, real-time dashboard.
- Get a complete overview of all engagement metrics.
- Segment scores by department, location, and custom segments.
- Know exactly which area needs more attention and improvement.

Ask the RateNow specialists for the free demo of the Ratenow team’s service. They will be delighted to learn about your project and help you evolve in human resources management.

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